Gems Gold Cheats Sensei Wars on Android Kindle

If you want to get free gems sensei wars game, all you will do is to invite your friends on facebook to play this game
You are the sole survivor running on your own dojo to create your clan

sensei wars tips

For such reasons, you will build up power, gold, food and gems, recruit the best troops and try to take over China and beat back the Mongols.
Furthermore,you will revolve around building, defending, and launching attacks from your base in the hopes to create the biggest base to protect your land.

In the beginning of the game, you will start with only two workers, which means you can only work on two projects simultaneously.
Therefore, the time will be the main point to complete and upgrade buildings to strengthen your base.

On the other side, you will be supplied with plenty of gems, but they will be used to build some buildings in the beginning of the game.
In order to earn more gems, you can complete various achievements on the trophy icon in which completing each of them will give experience points as well.

Moreover, just log in on Facebook then start adding friends that will earn you free gems.
Meanwhile, you can find more friends through the App Stores or Google Play, as the more your friends have the more gems you will get.

Thus, with a bunch of gems, you can use them to speed up the construction of buildings, or even buy more workers which can be converted into gold or food with ease.

You start off with plenty of available defensive buildings, such as the belltowers, along with walls and caltrops as well.
In line with this, you have to maximize their effectiveness by moving all of your buildings as closely together as possible, so that all of your buildings will get maximum protection.

Note that each building you have complete will give an effect on Sensei, whether it is raising one of his stats or simply giving him experience, and over time he will level up.

Every time you level up, you will be given with access to 3 separate skill trees such as Tiger for assault, Crane for support and Tortoise for defense.
Each of these skill trees will be required when getting involved in the battle with those Mongols.

Because of this, you must keep updating the main warrior as you level up whereby his particular skills become rather handy later on.
So the more you keep the town up-to-date with specific buildings, the more money you will get later on.

When attacking other dojos, try to use as few of your troops as possible if you can.
If you want to get more resources, you can send in your sensei to distract the guns, then send in rickshaws or other cheap, plentiful troops to go steal resources

At this point, your hero also goes into battle with his troops in that you drop troops on the ground and they attack the nearest thing.
During the battle, use your skills such as healing magic, firework throwing, or enemy confusing magic that can turn your effort to glory.

In addition, you can amend your strategy as you unlock troops and send in a couple of Samurai to distract and destroy defenses, then send in archers to fire over walls, and monks and rickshaws to raid the resources supply.

After having some battles, you must upgrade your favorite troops by unlocking the Corridor of Steles and the Shaolin Temple for extra, more advanced troops.
According to this, always build and upgrade your Ancestor’s Hall and build more Ancestor’s Halls to hold more troops throughout the game.

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