Gold Sun Lanterns Cheats Seven Dwarfs The Queen`s Return Android

When playing seven dwarfs the queen`s return game, you will explore the forest while collecting free gold bars and sun lanterns

seven dwarfs the queen`s return tips

In this town-building game, you will take a role as Happy, who is assigned to search for the rest of the dwarves, including Snow White herself, and to fight against the evil queen who has cast a curse that has left Snow White and the dwarfs scattered throughout the vast forest.

In line with this, you will have an adventure to go deep into the forest, then rescue Snow White and all the seven Dwarfs which will be your team

Moreover, you will have new locations, and discover pieces of the Dwarfs’ story as you expand through the enchanted forest then build up your team with each new dwarf that you find along the way of your journey.

Thus, all you have to do is to explore the evil forest, turn it from evil into not-so-evil once more, while collecting resources as well as gold and sun lanterns to survive on exploring.

For such reasons, you can collect those gold freely, simply by going to the gold “plus” button, scrolling all the way to the right and hitting the free gold button.

When doing so you have to make sure that you have location services turned on on your device
As a result, the offer wall will pop up to serve you local offers that you must complete in order to the generalized ones.

Some of the quests of this game will require you to spend gold in order to get them completed quickly.
Alongside, speeding up the Sun Lanterns will force you to spend nearly half of your free gold in order to finish the quest.

On the other side, you must try finishing the quest without spending gold so that the game will completely skip over that step in that it will allow you to retain more of your hard earned gold.

As to notice that every time you come back to the game, scary trees, sunflowers and dandelions that you cleared off the last time around will have replenished by itself.

So just clear off all of them as you can have them later, it is caused by you will inevitably end up needing the resources.
If you need more of them, simply exit the game for about 10 minutes, then play it back and see what new stuff has grown.

In order to explore the next areas, you merely tap around the various expansion areas like the level 999 areas that can never be explored whereby all of the areas are lined up with the average time that a quest will require you to explore that area

However, you can still stick to the plan and explore whenever you gain enough levels to unlock something.

Crafting as many items as possible such as sun lanterns will make you do more explorations in that you can also find the rest of the dwarves more quickly than restore your charming village while bringing happiness to the forest as it was.

Mining hidden treasures and resources in this delightful mini game will increase your rewards items that you can send them to your friends in order to complete their quests in this game

In addition, by having more resources you collected from your mines, you will discover new and familiar characters along your journey and accomplish every quest successfully

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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