Diamonds Cheats Shadow Kings for Android

Shadow Kings by goodgame studios is a kind of new MMORTS, whee you can build your own city and shape it whatever you want and to grow it from a little base into a huge military center.

shadow kings tips

Surely, playing this game will be for the fun of fighting other players, then forming alliances and fighting each other in groups will be enjoyable as well.

At the beginning of the game, your city starts off small, and you can grow it by going through expansions to begin with
Here, sometimes you are stuck without having enough resources to afford them.

When this occurs, and yet you still want to build new buildings, try to crowd your current batch of buildings as close together as possible, without leaving any space in between them.
Afterward, you can then build on the new space that you create by doing that.

Wood, stone and food are the three resources that you have to gather up in the game.
Those resources are automatically collected from your woodcutter’s mill, your stone quarry and your farms
In line with this, all you have to do is to build the maximum amount possible, and upgrade them as high as possible in order to maximize your output.

At the same time, you have to build more houses as well to increase your population and upgrade them for the same reason
At this point, just watch your happiness, as it will decrease as your population increases.

Furthermore, when you fight against someone, multiple fights happen in one on the left flank of the castle, one on the right flank, one in front of the castle gate and one in the courtyard.

You can try to assign attackers to all three, and assign the maximum amount by using tools to help in tough battles.
The courtyard battle will comprise all of the remaining attackers and defenders from every battle.

On the other side, outpost battles are a little bit more straightforward, with only one battle front.
Here, you have to catch as many outposts as possible in order to increase resource output

In the mean time, you can build manors to hire more governors.
Once you unlock the generals’ tent, you will be able to use generals for an extra edge in battle.

The workshop in this game will enable you to build military tools, which will be good for limited uses, unlike troops.
After having the Mystic tower, you can spy on and sabotage other players and on shadow camps to see what they have before you fight them.
However, always pay attention in your own defenses as well.

In the way of keeping your castle walls and flanks filled fully, you should upgrade your walls and towers to power up them.
You can also try to build a hideout so that you can make resources invisible to rival players.

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