Magnetite Cash Cheats Shin Megami Tensei on Android

Playing shin megami tensei game will allow you to play as a young man whose is sent to a mundane chore and has the ability to see demons roaming through the streets of Tokyo.

shin megami tensei tips

Then you will often meet the demons that you can talk to and make them join your party during the course of the game.

And you will also notice some other people such as the hero of Law, the hero of Chaos and another girl, who will all cross your path during your adventure.

During the game, you will have to equip your characters with firearms, special ammo, melee weapons, and multiple pieces of armor from helmet to boots.
Your heroes will also be capable of leveling up and having their Stats upgraded at the discretion of the player.

On the other side, dungeons are explored in first person view mode featuring long corridors and several rooms to explore while the dungeons can be huge and sprawling
Plus, an automap will be available for you to check at any time, and even a spell you can use to overlay it on the screen while you walk around.

The battle in this game will be based on the negotiation options, which will allow you to talk with the demons and even get them to join your party.

At this point, the demons will say things or ask questions, and you job is to respond their questions.
Sometimes, they will ask for an item or some money, that prompt you to decide giving it to them.

Therefore, if you give the a good feedback, they may join your party as a new member or they will provide you an item, some cash, or some magnetite.

Once getting them, you can store them in the party’s portable computer then you can summon them for a small amount of money to be used in battle, and a constant feed of Magnetite that is a secondary currency in the game.

In the long period, being a good negotiator will help you survive throughout the game
Moreover, you will be able to strengthen your team and get you extra money without fights.

There will be a wide variety of demons from various mythologies in this game
Every of them has its own unique statistics, and skills about three abilities or spells.

Once entering “the Cathedral of Shadows, you will meet some demons that you can transmute your warriors into newer, more powerful monsters in which you can increase them through fusion.

Furthermore, you can use these demons in battle and you have to fuse two or three demons and create a more powerful ones.

You can do a fusing demons at a variety of locations around the city where you can combine two or three demons to create powerful new allies
Remember that, you need to be mindful of their level and summoning cost as well.

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