Fuel Orbs Cheats Shiva The Time Bender on Android

Shiva The Time Bender is a new arcade and action genre game, you will play as Shiva, a time traveler, traveling in various years, killing enemies while collecting Orbs throughout the game then using more powers and being equipped with weapons and armors.

shiva the time bender guides

Playing shiva the time bender game will take you to travel around game modes while collecting crystals orbs along the way
In other words, you will jog, hop, and slay your way through time and space, all the while collecting brightly shining crystals orbs that can be used to upgrade your appearance or weaponry by using the in-game market.

At this point, all you will do is to tap on your left to jump, and right to attack with your weapon while going into the rounds, in which you will be assigned to earn Orbs, that allow you to move further with more weapons and powers.

While having your journey, you sometimes also get to earn special powers like Rage Mode, that you can use to destroy any enemy coming in front without you having to tap once.

On the other side, playing the time mode will allow you to go back into your game depending on the fuel you have in tank.
In line with this, if you get killed by an enemy, just tap on the time out roller at the bottom, and see the game flashing back till you keep the roller pressed or as much you fuel you have in tank.

Thus you have to time your time roll out well so that you mujst kill the enemy which just killed you, or you can jump better in order to move ahead in the round in which you can also use the powers to jump and use your weapon altogether.

Tapping the left side of your touchscreen will cause your hero to hop in the air
Meanwhile, tapping the right side will cause him to swing his mighty trident at any manner of foe that stands in his way.

And, by holding a “time reversal” button placed in the middle of your touchscreen, your hero can rewind the game to a point before you made your fatal gaffe.

Note that be careful with your timing when doing that action or you may find yourself rewinding to a point between two certain death events, which could send you in a death loop that lasts until your time meter runs dry and causes the level to restart.
Basically, your mainly weapon is laser sword-wielding skiers that will accompany you to run through each area in each game mode.

Later on, you can unlock three virtual buttons that hold additional weapons such as a bow and arrow, a pistol, and a slashing sword that you can purchase from the market.
Using those weapons are great for long range attacks in that they will help you defeat incoming enemies in this game.
In addition, you can change your hero accessories via the marketplace to give him a nice look when traveling around the area along the game.

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