Diamonds Coins Cheats Shopaholic 2 on Android

Playing shopaholic 2 game will allow you to dress up your character with the best outfit from the most popular boutique in the world

shopaholic 2 tips

In this game you will have a chance of exploring a whole world of stylish clothes and boutiques that are popular in this globe

On the other side, you will not only get allowed to shop some nice clothes from popular designer but you will also have a time to manifest your talent and use your own unique fashion sense to dress up for all kinds of special events

In the way of exploring the best designed clothes, you will go shopping around some popular stores that will serve you with any kind of dress for showing off your new model in some events

Surely, you will have to wear those clothes based on the theme of each event whereby it will get you to collect some items and coins as well

Dressing for special events like on halloween day will give you new look and you can also earn more gems if your outfit is the best among others

When joining any event in this game, you have to select outfits you love and unlock stores that fit your style throughout the game

Some outfits will have their own role like dressing up to attend weddings, beach parties, picnics, and moreā€”plus special seasonal events, like halloween day at the end of this month

Playing this game for further will make you rich of hundreds of different clothes, shoes, and accessories which you can store for any event

During having a good time in many events, you can take your photograph and decorate your own super-cute scrapbook for your own documentation

In addition, every time you play in an awesome shoe factory mini-game, you will get a chance of earning many coins cash that you can use to purchase new dress models

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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