Coins Cheats Side Wheel Hero on Android

Side Wheel Hero is an endless driving game, where you will drive your SUV on its two side wheels
Your main objective here is to get as far as you can while getting as many points as you.

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Anyway, getting your vehicle to go up on two wheels will extremely test your skill as you will easy get to either run off the road or to flip your vehicle onto its side while you are doing this.

When doing this, you can turn your phone very slightly to make the first turn, then about medium-distance to make the turn onto your side.

On the other side, you can make it far easier to do this challenge
For such reasons, all you will have to do is to wait until the game begins then hit the options button.

At the same time, you can change the controls from tilt controls to touch controls.
If you play this game in touch mode, you can easily get your truck or SUV onto two wheels.
After getting it onto two wheels, you can then steer by tapping either side of the screen rather than holding down the applicable side of the screen.

During your action, you can collect as many coins as you can in which each coin is worth 100 points
And, this is one of two ways to score points that you score when you are up on two wheels.

Therefore, you can do side-wheeling before the coins start to appear, in which this is one less thing that you have to concentrate on.

You will be given a choice of three vehicles namely a Toyota pickup truck, a Toyota SUV or a Nissan Patrol in that the patrol itself is the widest and lowest that you can use to collect some coins

However, when you drive it, you can easy hit other vehicles.
Meanwhile, The Toyota truck is the narrowest and tallest, that you can use to avoid cars but coins are a bit more difficult to see.
And, you can use The Toyota SUV if you want to avoid cars and collect coins.

In addition, some vehicles will be difficult than others to side-wheel as well.
If you want to show off your action, you can use the truck to go up on two wheels easily.

Once again, The Toyota SUV is the most difficult to keep on two wheels, so that you will have to steer it carefully.
Beside, you can go with The Nissan Patrol for having more actions in all tracks.

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