Pearl Clam Cheats Small Fry on Android

In small fry game, you must guide a little fish to perform his action on the sea while collecting shell and pearl along the way
Here, you will play as a little fish in a wide ocean in that you will also have to avoid some other fish, turtles, and other sea creatures that will be as obstacles and you will be assigned to collect clams and pearl as much as possible.

small fry tips

Anyway, clams are the currency of the game in which you can gather clams as you swim, so that you can gain a level by gaining so much clan as you can.
Note that every time you beat the three current challenges, your level increases.
And if you gain a level, you will earn 100 coins times the level you just earned
Then, if you level up to 9, you will earn 900 clams as your reward.

Meanwhile, if you want to get more clams, just stay alert of the challenges that constantly refresh as you work your way through them.
So try to make progress for doing an upgrade, whereby you have to focus on finishing up a handful of these to get the currency you need.

Furthermore, you will be challenged to ditch the shark whereby you have to go airborne for doing so.
Remember if you hit one or two fish, the shark will get closer to you, and if you hit too many obstacles, the shark will eat you.

In order to go into turbo mode, just jump in the air and hit three bubbles in a row so that you can race ahead of the shark again.
If you miss a bubble when flying in the air, simply hold the screen to dive quickly so that you will not fly over the bubble.

On the other side, hitting some bubbles will make you go high above the clouds and into outer space.
Then hitting a bubble in outer space will get you to fly there for a while.

When flying around in space, tap the screen rapidly to go up, while letting go of the screen to drop you on the sea.
Moreover, if you hit an asteroid, you will drop back into the ocean.
Thus, watch out for clam bonuses to appear in outer space, so that you will get a chance of stacking up clams as much as possible.

In addition, once having so much clams, you can use them to increase the clam bonus as this directly affects your future earnings
Besides, you can also try to get the magnet, shield, and the spawn power up which spawns power ups more often on every stage.

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