How to Solve Level 1 to 20 in 100 Gates Android

This tip is to hep you in passing all levels in 100 gates and to solve all puzzles in 100 gates game in order to open the door and unlock new level

100 Gates

100 Gates Level 1 Solutions
Press on the door to go to next level.

100 Gates Level 2 Solutions
Drag the ring that is on the bottom right to the door.
Hit the Lion to open the door.

100 Gates Level 3 Solutions
Move the grass away from the bottom left
Press on the flashing circle until the door opens and wait it might take quite long.

100 Gates Level 4 Solutions
Follow the sign on the red carpet
Shake your phone from the left to the right to open the door.

100 Gates Level 5 Solutions
Touch and slide on the swords in the direction of the blade.
Follow the order around the door, starting from the bottom left.
Swipe your finger up on the screen, then down, right, left, up and down.
Touch and slide on the knifes in the direction indicated by the blade.
Start from the bottom left knife and move up. First slide the bottom left knife upwards, the one above downwards, the one above to the right etc.

100 Gates Level 6 Solutions
You need to tilt the phone and move both two silver balls in the middle of the cross
Wait till they touch each other and the statue disappears it will be indicated by the phone will vibrate while the balls touch and the dots above will turn green
you can open the door.

100 Gates Level 7 Solutions
Shake the phone to make the first image the knight and curtain disappear.
Tap the stars to change the color indicated by the map on the door so
bottom left is red
the one above is blue
one above is yellow
top left is green
Middle top star is Blue
Top right star is green
the one below is red
the one below is yellow
bottom right one is blue.
Press the wooden fence to proceed to next level.

100 Gates Level 8 Solutions
Tap to select the hammer
Use it to kill all the roaches to open the door.

100 Gates Level 9 Solutions
Shake the phone until the fire is out.
Click the face of the devil twice to make it go away.
Tap to hit the bucket in the bottom right corner and when its up
Tap to take the key in underneath and use it to open the door.

100 Gates Level 10 Solutions
Tap to take the white paint bucket into your inventory
Use it to paint on the door tiles with the crests on in the 3 lions symbols.
When it is finished tap the door to proceed.

100 Gates Level 11 Solutions
Drag the pile of wood to the fireplace, then shake your device to start the fire.
Tap the chest to open it and reveal the shapes.
Drag the green on in its spot in the upper left corner.
The blue circle in the upper right, the yellow triangle on the left corner of the fireplace and the red piece is placed right above the fireplace.

100 Gates Level 12 Solutions
Take the hammer and use it to break the bottles till a knife drops
Take it and tap repeatedly the spiders web until you can exit.

100 Gates Level 13 Solutions
Tap the button to reveal a code.
Tilt slowly and hold your device to the right and wait until the chair disappears. 3. Tap the painting to move forward to the next level.

100 Gates Level 14 Solutions
Recreate the body of the skeleton.
Remove all the weapons to a corner because they just stand in the way: first attach the torso, then the bottom part, then the left left leg, right leg, left arm, then the right hand.
Tap the mirror several times to break it and proceed.

100 Gates Level 15 Solutions
Tap the sun symbol in the upper left corner and place it on the door.
Tap the zodiac signs to open door

100 Gates Level 16 Solutions
Tilting the phone to make the bow on the hearts move, then the direction the cupids are facing.
Tilt the phone until the bow is pointing to the upper left corner, then click the bottom left cupid.
Tilt the phone until the bow is pointing at the bottom left corner, then click the upper left cupid.
Have the bow point directly upwards then click the top right Cupid.
Have the bow point directly downwards and click the last cupid.
Click the door and exit.

100 Gates Level 17 Solutions
Tap the fruits in the order shown on the pan: Apple, Blueberry, Peach, Pear, Strawberry, Cherry, Banana, Watermelon, Lemon then once again Apple.
Tap the apple as soon as the symbol of the apple shows then pressed it to hear a sound.
Tap the door and proceed.

100 Gates Level 18 Solutions
Just notice the numbers in roman language and the solution is: 3, 5, 9, 7, 1.

100 Gates Level 19 Solutions
Make the following petals blue the last one is numbered because once its blue

100 Gates Level 20 Solutions
Tap the knife and use it with a sliding motion to cut the vines.
A appeared code will show you how many times to tap the coats of arms.
Tap the bottom left one once but do not touch the top left one
Tap the top right one three times and the bottom right one twice.
Tap and hold the sword until you get the More coming soon message.

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