Solve Puzzle Dungeon of Legends Chambers of Illusions on Android

If you love playing dungeon of legends chambers of illusion game, you must accomplish some missions by solving every puzzle in every room and find the hidden objects as clues

dungeon of legends tips

The main mission when playing this game is to complete the “Tower of Eternity” which consists of different areas such as the Chambers of Illusions.
In each room amongst over 75 rooms will challenge you for finding out the answers of different crazy puzzles
So you have to take all your courage to solve them one by one while searching for any clues around object within every room.

With a lighted stick in your hand you will have a magic and illusions then get immersed in a fantastic world full of dangers to solve the mystery of the magic tower.
Meanwhile you have to use your skills to get accepted at the magic school in which you can get the answer of every puzzle hidden in those rooms.

Ever player will be involved in a sorceress in training whereby you have to survive the traps and monsters of all 80 levels throughout the Tower Of Eternity in order to graduate to full sorceress hood with magic and illusion skills.

You will be accompanied by a lighted stick as your weapon while combining different genre jump and run, adventure and action in wonderful 3D graphics game with three different environments

During your journey of solving puzzles you will navigate difficult jumps, and get a battle against the enemies guarding each room.
In addition try focusing on puzzles and traps as obstacles located in the room.
Pay attention in every object in every room as it will be a hint to guide you solve the riddle so that you can continue to move on the next room and level

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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