Cash Cheats Song of Hero Music RPG on Android

When playing song of hero music rpg game for the first time, you must learn the main elements types namely string in red, percussion in blue and wind in green.

song of hero music rpg tips

Strings will have an advantage over wind
Meanwhile, wind is strong against percussion
And, percussion is strong against string.

On the other side, you will be allowed to set three different bands
Anyway, if you auto-set them, you can choose which element to set them by
Because of this, it will be the best to have one of each specific type of band, unless you have loads of rare characters who are of different types.

In the beginning of the game, you will get involved in the battle where you first start tapping to play defense against the monster in this game.
If fever mode hits, it means your hits will count toward damage, because that is attack time.
When the monster gets angry, the notes will come at double speed, making it tougher to see them although they will be on the same rhythm.

If you are hard to win in tough battles, you can simply go to the band menu, go to manage, then upgrade and evolve your cards.
Upgrades can be done by sacrificing any card for experience points
And you will have to get your cards on a max-level card, so that you can go for an evolution that you can do with a specific set of instruments.

Once winning the battle in each chapter, you will get different rewards depending on how many stars you get, in which getting the maximum amount of stars will let you score all perfects on every single stage, which allows you to play in the next stages.
Furthermore, getting all of the stars on one stage will definitely earn you free Cash that will be the premium currency of this game.

In addition, using the set effect menu will be your guide for what parties to make so that you can earn you statistical bonuses including all orchestra, all instructors or all latin musicians.

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