SOP Cheat Symphony of the Origin Android

SOP or Symphony of the Origin Points are the currency in this game that you can use to buy new location and some valuable items as well

symphony of the origin tips

Collecting this currency will be available through your journey of completing each mission
However if you want to get sop quickly you can purchase this with real cash that will be 100 SOP costs 69p, while 2,800 SOP costs £15.99.

Without this sop, you will still play through the whole game while getting number of weapons and other items available and also offering a high degree of customization for each character.

Playing this game will be engaging and addictive, with a surprisingly complex battle system that allows you to use basic attacks, magic, and special combination moves to create a devastating blow to your opponent.

Moreover, during the battle you can create some combos to perform lethal attack for the enemies in the battle zone

During your journey of exploring each location you will be equipped with the mini-map that will help you in navigating the dungeons and other various locations.

On the other side, weapon and skill systems will be no longer separated that make you easy to learn new skills on tablets.

Those skills originate from weapon parts and the amount of weapons, armor, and items will be big to be customized

The mana barin this game will be replaced by a stamina bar that automatically regenerates automatically.
In addition, you can use your skills and finish moves much more while combining them into awesome combos to make the fights less generic and more interesting as well.

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