Soul Arts Cheats Soul Guardians Age of Midgard on Android

Soul Guardians Age of Midgard is a mix of Maple Story and Dragon Bane Elite, with cell strikes, coliseum battles, an astounding card gathering component to the amusement, and assorted types of different goodies and some rare cards.

Soul Guardians Age of Midgard Tips

The card gathering component comes in regarding the matter of your claim to fame assaults.
At the beginning of the game, you can prepare up to five cards at once.
Two of them will provide for you an uncommon assault every, and one of them will provide for you a Soul Arts.

As you increase levels, the other two will help extraordinary assaults, too.
Every one of them five, obviously, will change the detail of your character, so make sure to prepare your cards astutely.

There are three fundamental approaches to strengthen your cards.
One of them is to utilize the customary improve characteristic.
When a card’s level is maxed out, you can advance it by uniting it with an indistinguishable card, or wire it with two different cards of the same irregularity for a totally diverse card of one irregularity higher.
When you do those last two, your next improvements will give MASSIVE level helps on the grounds that their levels will be back up to 1 directly after the advancement or combination.

The more drawn out that you hold the Soul Arts catch, the more the assault will go and the more your spirit bar will drop. At the point when utilizing it against a supervisor character, point it right and after that hold the catch until the spirit calls attention to run out totally.

Just use it to totally batter a manager at an early stage, then utilize your different assaults to complete the supervisor off, which ought to happen amazingly rapidly.

Make sure to upgrade to level the Soul Arts card in the event that you need to make manager battles considerably less demanding.
At the point when in the coliseum against different players, play some attempt at manslaughter guerrilla traps on them.

Remember not to let them point their Soul Arts at you
In the meantime, try to do truly anything you can to abstain from having the adversary group outgun or whip you.

On the off chance that you are on Facebook or Game Center, you have various methods for discovering individuals who play so you can include them as your companion and get exceptional rewards.

For Facebook particularly, utilize the App Store survey pages to evaluate posted their illumination for everybody, and utilization Facebook bunches for the amusement to discover individuals who need to be included.
Doing so will come to more rewards for your characters

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