Action Points Cheats Space Hulk on Android

When playing space hulk game, you can use your action or command points when completing each goal in a mission
Here, you will take a role as a space marine terminator squad with having duty to accomplish every objective from stage to stage.

space hulk tips

In the way of moving your squad, you will firstly place your unit and deploy to slaughter some xenos.
Every move you made will need Action Points which are specific to a unit or Command Points which are shared by the whole squad.

For example, you will need one point to walk forward, turn left or right and open doors.
Meanwhile, you will require two points to walk backwards by tapping exactly one space behind a unit.
And, firing enemies costs one Action or Command Point, in which your terminators are experienced warriors, trained in the art of walking and shooting at the same time.

Your units have special abilities that set them apart from the rest of the squad.
You will see a fist icon that refers to a melee attack against any unit one space ahead of the terminator.
While the shield icon will put your unit in a defensive stance, that will increase his odds of surviving a direct attack.

On the other side, the eye icon is overwatch that costs you two Action Points and causes a terminator to fire on enemies within range freely.
At this point, your Libararian special unit has a plethora of special commands
And the genestealers have much greater mobility than your terminators with more points of ingress to beset your brave little toasters.

During in the battle, when your units get surrounded, burn a few command points and put a pair of units back-to-back.
It is caused by overwatch is more effective with more range that will put your units in formation.

Furthermore, just run backwards or shuffle and shoot whatever you meet during the battle.
However, it costs twice as many Action Points as walking forward.

Take a command of librarians and sergeants as they are powerful units and bolster the other members of your squad with free shots and extra command points.

Always use your overwatch command to slow your progress through the Sin of Damnation’s corridors.
In addition, when you meet any incoming enemies within an overwatched unit’s field of view, they will suffer one shot for every space they move along the game.

In line with this, it will make it nearly impossible for them to get up close in which it assumes you followed the previous piece of advice.

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