Combo Orbs Cheats Sparkle Unleashed on Android

Always keep an eye on the incoming orb under the orb that you are shooting.
Here, you must pay attention to what orb will be coming next and prepare your best shots to the same colored orbs for combo and score.

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Along the way, you can switch orbs that you are shooting with a simple finger swipe.
When doing this, you need a bit of precision and extra thinking to shoot orbs in the play.

Meanwhile, always know what orbs are where and always be quick with your shots and movement.
If you can do it faster, you will be able to complete the levels in a quick time.

During the play, you will meet the orbs that you have cannot be matched with the ones available since there are things blocking your shot.
So when you get some of useless orbs, you can get rid of them

At this point, you do not need to wait until you get a clear shot
For such reasons, all you have to do is simply to shoot the orbs into thin air
However, if you really cannot do it, shoot them at somewhere where you can use them later
You can shoot them on the row that has fewest piece or you can put them on the farthest from the game over zone.

Power-ups in this game are few and scarce so choosing the right ones will help you in accomplishing the levels and the next ones

Unlocking potent power ups such as color splash, backwards, and wrath of moon will help you overcome Chained Orbs, Rock Orbs, Survival levels and other exciting challenges.

Using Color Splash will be useful as an easier removal of orbs
Meanwhile, Backwards power up will take advantage of the orbs going back
And playing with Wrath of Moon will be extremely useful since it rids you of those bad single orbs

In accordance with these power ups, though, you do not have to hit the power-ups immediately and you can leave them there for a while, you should not waste them.
Nevertheless, every power-up that you use is better than one that goes to waste, even though you are not in trouble when using it.

Always remember to tap exactly where you want to shoot at the right orbs for getting more points
In addition, you can tap exactly where you want your orb to go and it will go while considering the pace of the moving orbs, to make sure that you really hit your target.

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