Gems Cheats Spell Quest Grimm`s Journey on Android

In spell quest grimm`s journey game, the main goal that you must accomplish is to quest through stages and defeat ghosts by spelling words.
Here, words will effect for certain damage scores according to letter rarity and word length that you use.

spell quest grimm`s journey tips

On the other words, you will have to spell words to fight your way through more than 30 stages in this addictive word game while exploring amazing adventure through a world full of monsters and treasure

To spell the word, make sure to always watch out for the word hints that pop up on the bottom of the screen before each round
For such reasons, those hints will tell you about words that you should spell.
Thus, try to get creative when you want to try to obtain high damage scores.

In the way of gathering extra gems such as red, blue and green one, you can stick to play on easier stages as this will allow you to play for more gems
Meanwhile, you will also be able to spend your gems on power-ups and healing items, then take them into battle with you against tough enemies.

With those gems, you can upgrade your character’s attack, defense and health in the store.
Then you should do to some upgrades, books, potions and special items to help you go through more than 45 quests with over 30 stages so that you will reach 42 achievements as your reward

So it will be more challenging to earn more gems by completing quests as quickly as possible.
Moreover, you will always have three quests at a time in which as soon as you beat one quest, another one will pop up later on.

During each quest, simply go to the book store for some excellent equipment such as the wealth book, which causes monsters to drop 4% more gems.
Furthermore, you will be able to get health and damage boosts of various sorts as well.

In addition, if you want to earn more gems, you can save at least one big word for the end of the stage so that you can spell a word to attack the gem pile.

At this point, you can try spelling bigger and better word for having more blue and red gems from the gem pile in which blue ones will be worth 10 gems and red ones will be worth 20 gems.

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