Platinum Cheats Spelltorn Clash of Fates on Android

Explore each room with an eyeball on it will allow you to explore to find something
When exploring every room, always check every nook and cranny that will usually earn you extra gold and supplies

spelltorn class of fates tips

But, you must remember as you will require more stamina
And, you will not always find something useful.

In line with this, during the later story levels, you will be prompted to explore certain spots, so that you will sometimes backtrack to find new things.

Before starting this game, you have to choose either a lawful hero or a chaotic hero
Based on which option you pick, your hero will be more “lawful” or more “chaotic,” as indicated by a vertical bar that will rise for lawful, or drop for chaotic.

For you to know, one involves a couple members of your crew drinking from the supplies.
Here, you can try to rat them out to the captain which earns you chaotic points
Or you can join them in their festivities, that will earn you lawful points.
So just follow the quests, keep your equipment upgraded, and fight your enemies wisely then develop your hero as you see fit

In the battlefield, some incoming enemies will attack in fixed intervals.
As you can see in the counter at the top left, it shows you how many actions you take before the enemy attacks you.

If you have any skills that can disrupt an enemy, try to use them as soon as possible.
As a illustration, the Warrior class learns Stun, which has a chance to make an enemy miss a turn.
At this point, their turn order will reset so it will be very efficient to keep stun on them as much as you can.
Later on, if you have got no way to impede their attacks, you can try to defend yourself when you only have one turn left before the enemy strikes

Once making progresses through the game, you will have to upgrade your equipment
Note that upgrading your equipment needs lumber

But, you should upgrade your equipment as much as you can when you start out, because the strength boosts are substantial compared to the low cost of lumber.

When you level up, try to equip with better armor and weapon options and always check if you are up to date.

On the other side, when following the quests, you must keep completing them as they involve you upgrading your weapons and armor to a certain point, so you should always be doing these to earn rewards.

This game will allow you to fight other players if you so wish.
Then you can try to beat them to get their supplies, as this might actually be worth for your resources and equipments.

Anyway, make sure to check their level first before you fight them
Meanwhile, when you are away from the game, the other players can also attack you.
However, you can then reduce the amount of supplies they steal from you if you upgrade your chest, which you can find on your main profile page.

At this point, you can try to select to form guilds and alliances with other players then summon them during battle in which you can share supplies as well.

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