Rare Cards Gems Wine Cheats Spirit Stones on Android

When playing spirit stones game, you simply swipe tiles to make a good match
Meanwhile, you will be earning gems cash as the primary currency of this game

spirit stones tips

This game is the combination of puzzle role playing game and fantasy trading card game that will provide over five hundred stages and four hundred unique heroes to select and play as well as quests, traps, and obstacles in latter stages.

Throughout the game, you will be tasked with swiping matching tiles of the same color that will take you into battle with using the team you have compiled in the first start.

Later on, you will be assigned to use the power of the Ancient Gods called the Spirit Stones to rescue the kingdom of Dulaz that is a place that really should be re-named “The Kingdom of Busty Women,” by the look of its subjects.

And to get these powerful stones, you must firstly fight your way through various lands, past all manner of hostile undesirables with your party that consists of your friends heroes.
Meanwhile, you will also get a job to collect some new cards to strengthen your squad

Every card in this game displays some great-looking characters whom are female and beautifully rendered in battle in which they can be evolved later on.

In line with that lines, you will have to build your deck with Enchant and Evolve individual cards.
Enchanting cards will allow you to use cards in your deck to get a specific card’s level
Evolving cards will allow you to take two identical cards and combine them to make a better base card.

And you can experiment to do both evolving and enchanting those cards for coming to the good ones prepared for the battle and mission rewards.

When going for building your deck, you will start with a small collection of character cards then you will gather more cards by winning some battles.

The cards that you are going to collect will come in four rarities namely Normal, High Normal, Rare, and Super Rare

They are also categorized in four classes from Warrior, Mage, Archer to Thief in that within those classes, the character types are legion including Musician, Pharmacist, Gunner, Spear Man, Knight, Hunter, etc.

Every of them will provide you a certain attack power and a certain number of hit points, and they can be equipped with gear to increase these elements.

Furthermore, after doing enchanting, evolving, and equipping your card deck, you will be ready for battle with the other opponents.

When being in the battle, you will just match-three play as you move the blocks and draw a connecting line among them.

Blocks can be connected vertically, horizontally, and diagonally, so long as they are adjacent
In order to create explosive combos, special skill power-ups can also be linked together.

To engage in battle, you need Battle Stamina as your energy and when it runs out, you need to replenish it with gems or wine as the main currency in this game.

To make your ally, you can send your friends an invitation or find and invite people who are already playing the game.

Once your invitations get confirmed, then take friends’ leaders into battle with you in a special mode called Hellgate, where you battle special boss monsters for collecting special rewards.

On the other side, you will be also allowed fight against your friends in online PvP mode in which it will also make you to steal their emblems that are a kind of items collected when being in the game’s story mode.

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