Water Cheats Sprinkle Islands on Android

Playing sprinkle islands will get you to play with a tiny firetruck where you will have to lead it to put out the fires by using your finger to aim the firetruck, expend its hose and release jets of water.

sprinkle islands tips

In line with this, you will need to use your hose to knock rocks out of the way, lower bridges and more Later on, you will be able to navigate through five different lands including 60 total levels in that you must also avoid obstacles along the way.
During your action, make sure to watch out on the meter on the right-hand side that will indicate your water levels.

When going to level 2 of this game, firstly press the aqua button to work the wooden lift.
Afterward, try to put out the fire caused by the soda can flying onto the screen.
At this point, you can use your finger to adjust the firetruck and tap the red button to release water.
Then, you simply press the next aqua button to bring the side-ways lift to you.
Again, press the aqua button to start the lift.

Now, you can roll down the hill and put out the little hut fires–aim the fire hose at the box and push it into the water.
If you can do it rightly, the ricochet of the water on the top fire will put out the bottom one.

In the level 3 of this game, first thing to do is to lift the hose up to put out the fire in the alcove above the dock.
Because of this, the power of the water will lower the wooden bridge that will allow you to cross and put out the fire closest to you.
You can now cross the bridge but make sure not to lower the hose again

Once doing that action, you can put out the fire on the grass, in that you must also put out the fire at the top of the cave.
At the same time, just keep running the water until it pushes a piece of rock free so that you can open pathway to put out the previously obscured fire there.
Now, you have to aim at the opening and keep a steady stream of water going until the fire is out.

For the level 4 in this game, all you will do early on is to put out the smallest fire closest to you then aim the hose at the little tunnel pointing towards the blue figure.

After doing such action, you can use the force of the stream to put out both flames in which try to lower the hose in order not to bump it
Aim your hose at the upper bolder so that you can put out the fire
And the boulder will slide down and break the bridge, carefully aim your hose at the lower flame.

To solve level 5 of this game, you simply roll up the hill in the beginning of the game.
Meanwhile, you can aim for the small tunnel to put our the fires whereby it will lower the rock bridge and create a richocet so you can put out the small, higher fire at that time.
Now aim the hose at the rock so that the rock will hit a red button, which will allow you to roll down the hill.
According to this, make sure to lower your hose

In order to get the way out, you have to aim for the flame behind the cube then let the cube fall onto the balance beam.
For such reasons, the balance beam will give you an access to bounce your stream off the wood so you can hit the fires in the caves.
Furthermore, put out the fire on the balance beam, aim your jet for after the joint in the beam so that you can put out your fires from there

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