Carrots Power ups Cheats Stack Rabbit on Android

Try to get more carrots to regenerate your energy in stack rabbit game
Here, you will play as Ben the Bunny, hopping around various vegetable patches and making matches of three or more in a specific order to feed a bunch of hungry baby rabbits.

stack rabbit tips

To fulfill your need, you will steal some blocky vegetables from a yard guarded by angry bulldog there.
Of course, during your action to get those vegetables, you will need energy in form of carrots.

Throughout the game, you often use up all of your carrots, that make it run out so you have to wait for them to be restored as fast as possible.

And when running out of carrots, you can do the time setting tricks to get more carrots as you need
Firstly, go to the date and time settings on your phone
Secondly, set the time ahead for the next hours then go back to the game.

Once doing so, you will see that all of your carrots will have been restored.
Afterward, go back to the date and time settings and set the time back to normal to have all of your carrots to be used for your energy.
Note that you can do this trick if you really need extra carrots during in the mission.

After making a combination, the fruit will regrow in which every fruit will have three stages of growth, with the third stage being the final one where the fruits can be collected later on.

For such reasons, you can stop a new fruit from blocking your path by standing on a fruit in the second stage of growth so that it will not make them grow
And when you have a combo on your head, it will disappear in which you can use this to make easy access to a needed fruit without having to waste a match on irrelevant fruit.

So always make the biggest combo as you can get more points if you do bigger match so that it will be much easier to earn a three star score on each stage.

On the other side, you have to match three or more of the same vegetable to create a match, vanishing to storage and causing the other crops in the garden to grow.

Match veggie types in the order and quantity shown on the side of the screen to progress to the next level so that it will also deploy power-ups to make you easy to do the mission.

Playing as a blocky rabbit searching for veggies will bring you to meet the not-so-watchful eye of Max the guard dog.
Therefore, you will do at all cost to avoid him when try stealing those veggies from the garden

On the final stage, the dog will begin chasing you whereby when the dog cuts through the fruit garden, it will devour everything in its path.

At this point, you can take a position next to the dog’s path for easy access to any fruit next to the path in that it will make you easy to get whatever fruit you need to match next.

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