Coins Cheats Star Chef on Android

When playing star chef game, you merely serve every dish in quick time and collect bucks cash from every customer`s satisfaction
This game will test your knowledge of how to cook every food and serve it in a fast time so that you will get a title as a Master Chef in this game

star chef tips

In this game, you will get a chance of running your own restaurant, where you will have to learn taking orders from any consumer with different menu, prepare and mix ingredients together, then serve food such as burgers, sushi or snacks to all of your hungry customers.

On the other words, you must do anything to serve delicious food to every consumer that visit your restaurant as quickly as you can before they leave your restaurant

Every dish that you serve on time will earn money that you can use to beautify your restaurant with some nice decoration
Moreover, with those money, you can even grow your business to the other location in which you are be able to build your branch as your franchise

In the way of growing your business, you have to give your elegant touch concerning with the restaurant decoration and make it worthy of a Star-Rating
At this point, you must try to customize and build the restaurant of your dreams with variety of wall and floor decors, stylish tables, fountains and many more stuff that can increase your rating

Meanwhile, you will always need some fresh ingredients for a dish with special tastes in every menu
For such reasons, you can grow them in your own backyard for a tinge of freshness

One thing important is that you must grow your skill from an Amateur cook to the Culinary Master whereby you must be able to cook a wide variety of mouth watering dishes from all over the world.

Alongside, you should also build your own classy restaurant in the downtown and maintain a high Star Rating from every effort you have planned early on.
So just start realize your skills with the awesome world of food so that you can become a super chef in this game

As making progresses through the game, you will make money that you can use to complete your kitchen with specialized cooking appliances and manage a skilled staff to prepare the kitchen for a nice dish

In line with this, you can build a world-class kitchen with top-of-the-line cooking appliances in which it will give you advantage of cooking and mastering of appetizing world cuisine and getting the Ultimate Reward to become solely star chef

In addition, to help your work easy, you should hire and manage a professional staff to keep your kitchen always shine and serve each dish instantly to your customer
And you can play with friends online, visit their Restaurants and help them grow their restaurant as well

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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