Stars Gold Coins Cheat Atlantis Pearls of the Deep Android

In atlantis pearls of the deep game, you will be tasked to collect some valuable stars coins by completing levels in Zen Mode

atlantis pearls of the deep tips tricks

The main objective of this game is to clear the bubbles containing magical shells and corals.
Drop colorful pearls and let gravity do the rest, as platforms block one another, turning wheels appear, ramps bend mix up the bubble popper routine to form bubble ski jumps by tossing in a brief hidden object level, while collecting rewards including shells, crystals, jellyfish and floating stars.

You have to match 3 or more pearls of the same color to make them disappear while surrounding pearls fill the void
So try to get fast to clear the screen efficiently in order to earn Achievements and Stars, then use those Stars to purchase explosive power-ups

Moreover you can play Zen Mode daily to earn free more Stars to play through over 60 exciting and challenging levels to help the mermaid save Atlantis
Make a combos by creating chains of matches, and depending on the number of goals you fulfill in order to get three stars.

Meanwhile you will also be awarded a certain amount of gold used to purchase a range of interesting power-ups, such as bubbles that explode, bounce and fire laser beams.

In the traditional bubble game, bubble poppers are played from the bottom up, with projectiles fired up into a bubble formation moving or otherwise.

However in this game, projectiles are dropped from above onto platforms of various heights and react more like cannon balls and if three or more bubbles of the same color touch they will vanish
But making the remaining bubbles shift and roll, it will sometimes get completely off the screen.

On the other side, every level of this game will ask you to clear it within a set timeframe using a set number of bubbles.

Those levels feature a bunch of balls that are collected in the bottom of the level, with your goal being to destroy all of them.

To clear the screen from those balls, you need to drop a ball from the “arm” which you can move right or left by tapping anywhere on the screen.

When the ball you drop touches two other balls or more of the same color you will make it disappear while making some combos as well.

Once accomplishing the main storyline, a “Challenging” Mode will be unlocked so you can spend gold to unlock an additional Zen Mode for further play.

Zen Mode will offer some challenged levels on the platforms and obstacles in crazy arrangements which take a lot of planning to complete.
The levels in Zen Mode will have different obstacles that test your shots skill to shoot the ball at the right moment and try to actually predict the trajectory of your ball.

Note that the balls that you need to drop are spawning randomly, so you also need to be careful in order not to drop the needed ball in the wrong place and add to the amount to fill fully the screen.

Something to notice is that if you think you have launched a direct hit, your ball can simply ricochet from its path somewhere outside the level of the Zen Mode.

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