DG Cheats Stilland War on Android

Playing stilland war online mmo game will get you to accomplish to gain experience, find new companions, increase your power, fight against the computer and against other players for your own glory and dragon gold
So, just to be one of the highest level players in this game.

stilland war tips

Later on, you will have to go through some quests that you can access in the auto-pathfinding feature, which is activated by hitting the icon in the far top-right corner of the screen so that you will be guided into your most immediate quests

At this point, you will have a choice of more than one quest to complete, you can choose which quest to pathfind to using the “quest” menu.

This game will feature D.G., or Dragon Gold as the premium currency
In line with this, there is one of the most unique features that you can invest your D.G. to make more D.G. whereby you will need to be a premium player for this
Anyway you should go to the store to make one purchase, then go to the Growth Foundation to invest.
As a result, you will be able to turn 300 into a total of 750 D.G. in five days this way.

You will increase your power by doing anything in this game.
Training your characters will be great idea and you must make sure to not safe any bad training.
Cancel, get your gold back and try again.

According to this, you must focus mainly instead on talent training in that you can unlock more talents as you level up as well as refining your equipment.

Refining and talent training can be done up to the current level of your account
Because of this, you can go to old instances to level up your character
Else, you can go anywhere such as the arena that you can battle with opponents.

In the arena, you will work your way up slowly.
In the mean time, you must pick the lowest-ranked opponent who is still a higher rank than you then you can fight them, whereby they should be easy to defeat that will make you the champion.

On the other side, if you are difficult to beat players right around your power level or just above, you have to reorganize your formation.
When managing your formations in the battlefield, you should place your tanks in high defense characters in the front line.

Healers and mages and other characters with low defense should be placed behind your tanks as they must be protected during the battle.
You can also upgrade your formation talents once for every 4 levels that you gain later on.

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