Gold Cheats in Punch Hero Android

If you want to win a trophy of tournament in punch hero game, just keep tapping the screen with as many fingers as you can at the same time to recover and stand back up again.

punch hero 2 tips

Have these good combination attacks including one dodge, one hook, one uppercut.
Use the one dodge in the same direction that your opponent is swinging from to set up the attack, then hit him with the hook.

Try to earn far more gold losing on the amateur circuit than winning on arcade mode. It is caused by the amateur circuit will pay more for losing than arcade mode for winning so combined with how quickly the fights go by when starting the fights with almost no energy.

When playing through the amateur round tournament it will not matter whether you win or lose, and even if you don’t win a trophy, you will win a large amount of gold just for competing.

Now go for one entire competition round in the tournament without recovering, letting yourself lose in order to build up a lot of money to use on recovery treatments.

Zombie mode should be the place where you will make the “big money”.
Focus on learning how to weave correctly and avoid the hits
Always wait the entire game and never attack because usually the other boxers are faster than you and even if you start an uppercut at the same time, your opponent will hit first.
Always watch what he is doing and weave then counter

Keep training and focus on a single stat to improve such as jab.
Always focus on completing the achievements to get more coin rewards.

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