Cash Cheats Street Punch on Android

In this, street punch game, you can take a control of the city while earning money bucks to purchase some items
This game will allow you to be a mafia world where you can be allowed to fight the gangs controlling your city then taking over the street as your territory to make money.

street punch tips

In the way of controlling the street, you will face a horde of criminals run rampant on parks, streets and even the local carnival.
In line with this, you will get an ally with policeman and soldiers that will be stand to help you fight the crime lords and reclaim your town to give your friendly citizens a peace when walking on the street.

And the policemen such as Police Forces, Riot Police, Range, Policeman, Assault and Elite Force will be on your way in battling with any villain on your territory

You will be like a hitman with cool weapons who will fight against any crime and shoot any gang which is doing any illegal activity on the street
For such reasons, you will have to call up your allies back-up forces of policeman, heavy duty swat teams, riot squads which help you out to counter the incoming different enemies and you will also level up your hero after you have made any progress throughout the game

In order to survive waves of enemies that are constantly trying to take over your base, you will have to use some power ups as they will increase your resistance, recovery life, stun enemies, hit and run, use shock waves to bring safety to the world

To go through some given stages each with 20 stages of fight and fun, you will be allowed to select your arsenal and you will be able to recharge your weapons including power ups and abilities as well.

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