Crystals Cheats Summoners War Sky Arena on Android

Playing summoners war sky arena will get you to quest for rare cards in which you play as a monster summoner, then you and your cadre of monsters set out on quests through numerous regions as well as managing your team in a card-collecting style of gameplay.

summoners war sky arena tips

Later on, in a particular stage, the first recourse should be to power up your best monsters in order to go for further during the game.
In line with this, you can go to the power-up circle.

If you have any one-star monsters, especially silver star monsters which cannot be awakened and are next to useless in battle, you must use them as fodder for your other monsters to gain loads of experience points to level up.
As they level up, their statistics will increase, as well as giving you an advantage in battle.

Then, there are three main elementals of monsters, and they have a “rock paper scissors” cycle of effectiveness or ineffectiveness.
Red is strong against yellow
Yellow is strong against blue
Blue is strong against red

After learning that elements, you should go for a good mix in your team, but if you are having trouble with a particular stage, swap in multiple monsters of a certain color and you will have a big advantage.
Anyway, if you want to get more monsters as fodder, or just more monsters in general, you can rack up the social points.

To gain these social points, you can try to add people as friends
Then once you have used their leader card in battle, you can set your strongest card as the leader so that other people are more tempted to set your leader as their helper card.
At the same time, you can power it up massively because that higher experience level is often the selling point.

When you get stucked on the quest, you can start going for challenges
Go to the challenge menu and start knocking off challenges one by one.

In the mean time, you should make it a goal to knock off challenges
Doing so will not only improve your team and your island, but you will earn big rewards, including the unknown scrolls and the mystical scrolls as well.

Furthermore, make sure to build defense buildings in your island to prevent from other challengers
During in the arena, you must make your team as strong as possible
Plus, you should also build every available defensive building in your island, because they will give you a big advantage.

At this point, you can build as many arcane towers as you possibly can, because they will do consistent and sustained damage against challengers along the game.

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