Coins Hearts Cheats Super Bobby on Android

When playing super bobby game, all you will do is to jump while collecting every coins along the track
Here, you will play as an astronaut attempting to get back to his home world in which you will be tasked with bopping off enemies and collecting coins.

super bobby tips

Every single level of this game will provide you enough collectible coins to keep platforming fans and kids busy.

In accordance with gathering coins, there is usually a decent collection of these in each level, and collecting them all increases your overall score.

Meanwhile, for further moves, you will be allowed to have a secondary character available that can shoot fireballs, even more characters would be cute to play though.

In the way of guiding your astronaut back home, you will meet certain enemies that you should defeat that of course you will require health indicated with heart on the upper right corner of the screen

In order to beat any enemy in this game, you can use the old “jump-on-the-head” tactic
Doing so will get you simply leap in the air and land squarely on the enemy’s head so that you will easily bop them.

However, some enemies will not completely disappear, though and certain of them – such as dropping weights or snails with spiked shells – can not be pounced upon at all though.
In line with this, snails will simply pop back into their shells, then climb out again and continue crawling along.
Thus, you will have to avoid them at all cost

Looking at this, you can try these following tips
When it comes to jumps, make sure you land precisely on your enemies.
If you land to the left or to the right on them, they might hit you instead that will cause you to lose some of your precious health.

After having tough battles, you can regain your health when you work your way through each stage
At that time, you will see these yellow boxes that you can jump up into.

By performing such action will reward you with a prize
On the other side, the ones with exclamation marks typically contain more valuable prizes, including hearts that top up your health when you pick them up.

In addition, you will have to get the pink astronaut, an ally that can shoot fireballs, as well as pounce on enemies if his fireballs cannot quite reach.

Getting this character is pretty simple as you must find pink astronaut icons hidden in the boxes marked with exclamation marks.

Then simply bop them with your head in order to see an icon with an eyeball in it.
Pick it up so that you will automatically transform into the pink astronaut while gaining access to his fireballs.
Remember not to get hit by anything or you will back as the normal Bobby again as in the beginning.

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