Super Rare Cards and Credits Cheats Transformers Legends Android

In transformers legends game, you must try collecting cards and combining them to be more powerful one in transformers legends
Here, you will struggle to get card rarity including common, uncommon, rare and super rare cards indicated by how difficult a character or a weapon is to acquire.

transformer legends walkthrough

Common cards are indicated with the number 1.
Uncommon cards are indicated with the number 2.
Rare cards are indicated with the number 3.
Super Rare cards are indicated with the number 4.
Weapon cards with skills will boost the attributes of the character card if you have certain skills for your card.

Try to match the character card’s faction with the weapon’s faction in faction skill.
In specialization skill every weapon and character card have a specialization skill such as Melee, Ranged and Heavy.

Try to match the two of melee, ranged and heavy in order to get the skill activated.In class skill you have to match the class of the character with the same class of the weapon including Assault, Command, Infiltration and Spec-Ops.
Match Just match a character with its signature weapon in character skill.You can collect two bonuses from character cards.

When the card reaches its Max Level a bonus is activated.
When the Robot Mode and Alt Mode are trans-scanned, then the Trans-Scan Bonus is activated.

You will use weapon card abilities including Initial Ability and Battle Ability during having in a battle with other players.
An Initial Ability executes at the start of battle.
A Battle Ability executes in any round after the start of battle.
When using a weapon card with the Double Attack Battle Ability it will allow your forces to attack twice in one turn.

You have to combine cards to upgrade them to be more powerful with credits.
When upgrading cards it will consume all material cards and only the base card will remain.
So you have to carefully select the best card as the process cannot be reversed.

Select a card to be the base card.
This is the card whose stats will improve.
And select a card to be the material card.

In addition you can select multiple material cards at once.
You have to combine two kinds of cards, character cards and weapon cards in order to create a team in this game.

You can also combine The Robot Mode and Alt Mode with weapon cards in characters cards so that these weapons will provide you bonuses and increased power.

You have to create Units by combining one character card and a weapon card to battle other players.
Weapon card will boost the strength of character cards when it is combined with a Unit.
Besides it will have unique Abilities and Skills including Attack, Health and Defense.

Get credits for free in transformers legends game You will need to get credits to perform an Upgrade or Trans-Scan. You earn Credits by carrying out
Try to complete Missions and to earn Credits and character cards so that you will have a chance to battle other players and fight the boss at the end of each Battleground.

Just take part in a competition in Standard Battles to earn more credits.
Try to defeat more enemies to collect credits in pvp ambush You can also sell unnecessary cards for having more Credits.

Be sure to upgrade the Robot Mode and the Alt Mode with Credits points
Simply upgrade both the Robot Mode and the Alt Mode to Max Level before performing the trans-scan in order to get the largest stat increase.

Just combine the Robot Mode and Alt Mode of a character with Trans-Scan to have a stronger card that can change modes and gives a large bonus during battle.

Store all cards without overflow Keep a few slots open in your base for new cards.
Try to free up space by upgrading, Trans-Scanning or by selling cards so overflow cards will automatically be moved into your Base, starting with the cards that have been in overflow the longest.

Always reach certain goals while playing the game in order to get more room in the Base.
Remember that cards that are removed when overflow is cleared are lost forever and cannot be restored.

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