High Score Cheats Swing Copters on Android

Swing Copters is a new sequel of Flappy Bird, where you must guide some dude with a propeller hat through a series of gates with hammers swinging back and forth in between them then go for as long as you can for being top scorer in each stage.

swing copters guide

You then tap on the screen to change your direction
Thus if you are going right, it switches you left, and right side with a delay in turning though
To pass through those hammers with ease, you have to time your taps and turns

At the same time, you can try to play a trick on your own by tapping with your left thumb for left turns and your right thumb for right turns.
By tapping the screen in the right moment, you will find your point total slowly inching upward, from 1, 2, 3 etc.

Later on, after you learn the two-thumb method, you can go back to using one thumb for awhile.
Afterward, you can go back to using two thumbs for having any different result.

Remember not to tap rapidly or you will lose control of your chopper boy.
Just tap to a rhythm, such as 200 BPM, and make sure to stay in a straight line.

You can practice shifting to the side and recovering in a straight line quickly.
Try to keep it up and you will feel easy after doing that technique.

After playing for so long, just take a break and play something easier
Besides, you can simply play this one every once in awhile.
Once having a long break following a period of frustration, you will get the game to seem far easier.

Furthermore, having 10 points gets you a bronze medal and getting 20 points earns you a silver medal then 30 points will get you a gold medal.
If you can get 40 points, you will get aside from immortal status that is a platinum medal.
In addition, after getting all four of these medals, you will be able to unlock some new characters that you can play for further.

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