High Credit Scores Cheats Tank Hero Android

When playing tank hero game, you will have to battle through dangerous arenas against cunning enemies and become the Tank Hero
Here, you can play in Campaign and Survival game modes with 120 levels spanning three unique environments and OpenGL 3D graphics with dynamic lighting and real-time shadows

Tank Hero

You will have get a fast paced 3D tank action in 5 types of AI tanks and 5 weapons to take out your enemies with cannons, heat seekers, and howitzers.
Use spread cannon to fire a salvo of bullets covering a wide area of attack as it will be useful to taking out enemies at the same time
Note that charging straight into a mess of tanks will kill you quickly.

Try to learn how to flank, and dodge out of cover, in order to pick them off one by one.
To get a lucky volley of shots try to set well-aimed one to have effective result.

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