Tennis Code on Escape The Room Limited Time Answers Android

Escape the Room Limited Time is a free game puzzle type of finding the way out of a locked room containing a ton of quality and intrigue into a relatively small package.

Escape The Room Limited Time

The game itself consists of a series of locked rooms to be unlocked. Each one is unique and standing as its own level.
The difficulty level ramps up gradually and users will need to use their brain for a lot more than they would seek for other titles that just simply have they use objects on other items.

Just tap on an icon at the bottom of the screen to choose as action such as “take” or “examine”, and then anywhere onscreen to interact.
Clues and helpful items can be hidden anywhere so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for sneaky details or suspicious looking furniture.
All your items are stored in your inventory where they can be combined, disassembled, more closely examined.

How to Play Escape The Room Limited Time
Hyunbin wakes up, his heart racing with panic, and finds himself alone in a strange storage room.
It turns out that Black and White knocked him out and fitted his body with a time bomb in his chest. They left him in their maze of death traps to see if he can escape the room.

As Hyunbin struggles and gets closer to freedom, he uncovers shocking secrets from his past.
At the start of each level you as Hyunbin and the bomb in your chest is reset, and the longer you spend trying to solve each room, the more the representative green bar will shrink and change colour to let you know you are dangerously close to repainting the walls with your insides. Fail or set off a booby trap, and you will have to restart the room unless you have an object to turn back time to before your unfortunate decision.

If you are really struggling, there are several optional in-game purchases you can make for items like “The Hand of God”, which instantly solves puzzles, that can really help when you are down to the wire.

These are not necessary to complete the game, of course, but will probably start looking really tempting the harder the going gets as the levels progress.

Searching out clues and using items is the hint to escape of every room.
There will be specific tennis code to be revealed to assist you escape the room in each level such as 0,15, 30, 45, 216403, 6+ items hidden, dates are mm-dd etc.
You really have to understand the code first before playing this game

How to Get Out of Room 1 on Escape the Room Limited Time
Take Torn Memo1 in the blue locker.
Take Torn Memo2 on the floor near the yellow book and then combine Torn Memo1 and Torn Memo2 to turn into Charred Memo.
Take the Hand of God inside the brown book and take the 30 cm Ruler on the table and Box Cutter inside the drawer beside the shelf.

Take the Lighter beside the candle on the table near the bed.
Light up the candle using the Lighter and burn the Charred Memo.
Torn the cartoon poster using the Box Cutter and enter the Code that you get from the Charred Memo that burnt.

How to Get Out of Room 2 on Escape the Room Limited Time
Take the Mysterious Book1 on the floor
Take Scissor on the table
Take Mysterious Book 2 and Lighter inside the drawer
Take Mysterious Book 3 and Rusty Cogweel inside the blue box
Take Candle in the blue locker
Take Lubricant on the top corner near the pipe.
Use the Scissor to cut the carpet.
Combine the Lighter and the Candle to turn into CandleLight.
Combine Rusty Cogwheel with the Lubricant to turn into a certain thing.
Put it beside the gear which is on the top corner of the room.
Next, combine part of the Carpet with the Lubricant to turn into Lubricated Carpet.
Put the Mysterious Book 1
Put Mysterious Book 2 and Mysterious Book 3 in the bookcase.
Arrange words into the word a MONEY.
Next, enter the room behind the shelf.
After entering the room, use the Candle Light to light up the room.
The Lubricated Carpet for a golden board and you will get the code 1403 to open a safe.
Afterward, take the Old Journal inside the safe.
Read the Old Journal and you will get the key to get out from the Room 2.

How to Get Out of Room 3 on Escape the Room Limited Time
Take the Memo on the floor
Take Short Wire on the computer desk, and Box Cutter inside the computer desks drawer
Take Cutting Nipper and Wrench in the tool box on the table.
Use the Box Cutter for the doll hanging to get the Voodo Doll.
Use the code 03 to open the safe-deposit box with the heart symbol to get the Journal.
Use the code 17 to open the safe-deposit box with the other symbol to get the Magnet.
Use the Cutting Nipper to cut the cable on the iron door and use the Wrench for the box beside the iron door.
Enter the room1 and use the Cutting Nipper to cut the TC cable and get the Electric Wire.
Back to the precious Room 3 and use the Electric Wire to connect the wire that already cut.
The lift door will be opened and enter the lift. There is a woman that tied up.
Use the key that tied on her neck to open the Journal that locked.
Read the Journal to get the code to release the woman and go back to the early room.
Next, disassemble Voodoo Doll to get the Wooden Doll and Yarn.
Combine the Yarn and the Magnet to get the Tied Magnet.
Use the Short Wire on the glass case with the key inside.
Use this key to make a door and get out from the room and open room 5.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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