Coins Sparks Cheats The Hunger Games Catching Fire Panem Run Android

When playing the hunger games catching fire panem run game, all you will do is to sprint across districts while collecting coins and sparks as the main currencies of this game

the hunger games catching fire panem run tips

In this game, you will play and learn the fate of Katniss Everdeen, Peeta and the gang who start running through Panem, inspiring the various Districts as well as grabbing coins along the track.

Along the way you run, you will be tasked to avoid the tracker jackers while collecting sparks and pursuing resources through the districts, and crafting so that you can upgrade your power ups.

On the other side, like other endless runner games, you have to dodge, jump, and smash obstacles while running to collect sparks and coins in that way.

Moreover, coins in this game are mainly determined by the distance you run in this game.
So if you run farther you will collect more coins.
Besides coins, sparks are collected to help you determine the amount of coins you earn at the end of the round in that distance will be the main point that affect your reach.

In order to earn coins for free, you can check out all of the videos under the “Free coins” menu.
Furthermore, all you have to do is simply to watch a bunch of videos that will earn you around 100 coins per video.
And if you run out of videos, wait for a while then get back around 15 minutes to find more videos to watch that will turn into coins later on.

This game will give you flexibility to play as you can even play multiplayer games with others via Facebook and smartphone both on iphone and android.

Thus, you can invite your friends and fellow fans to see who can earn the most Sparks and bring honor to their district.

The main point of this game is to run through all of the districts, starting from districts 4, 5, and 12 in which each district has different materials that you can collect, both by collecting material icons and by sliding into breakable objects such as boxes, pallets and barrels.

Meanwhile, you have to shoot the targets in the archery round in quick time to collect more points.
According to this, you can either tap or swipe in the direction of the target in order to shoot it.

As for consideration, tapping will work fine early on
However, if you run farther, you will go faster
Besides, swiping will be far more effective than tapping after you have made some progresses through stages in the beginning of the game.

In addition, all of the twists and turns will challenge you to get through.
For such reasons, be sure to always scan down the road so that you will not get thrown off by a sudden turn as they can ruin a perfectly good run very quickly.
Sticking to the right path will get you much easier to beat the next stage of this game

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