Diamonds Cheats The Maze Runner Android

Use a speed booster to run fast in this endless runner, where you will be allowed to collect all the puzzle pieces as well as finding out all the secrets about the Maze.

the maze runner guides

Before going to run along the game, make sure to always start with a running boost
In this game, the first part of each level is a straight line and you will get an early on advantage by tapping the screen constantly to use your super speed.

While running along the track, you can also use the running boost whenever possible
At this point, you must use the boost whenever you see a straight line ahead
Also, you can do it when you believe that you can handle the runner and run around the obstacles without dying in each track.

So if you can use the boost for more, you will have better chances to get to the Glade in time as well as getting some really valuable extra coins to spend on power-ups.

When running throughout the stages, you will see some clocks or stopwatches along the way.
Once seeing them, you must pick them up as they are extremely important that will give you valuable seconds before the doors close completely.
In this phase, you can also have a chance to pick up all the free Gems as well.

Besides picking up clocks, make sure to always use the free revive
During in your run, always use it every time you have it
But, also make sure that you keep your character alive for as long as possible.
Later on, you will be headed with more difficult stages and you do not want to spend your valuable diamonds on revives

Gems or diamonds is the premium currency in this game, and you can get them by tapping The Box in the game menu and selecting the option to watch ads for free gems.

Plus, when at The Box, you can also gather up your daily gifts offered for consecutive daily plays, in which it is another great way to earn some extra free gems.

Once getting enough gems, you have to purchase power-ups to help you run fast
There are a bunch of upgrades that you can get, and make sure to start with the Time boost first
Then, you can use the others like the Stamina Boost and the Sprint Boost.
So if your boost lasts longer and you will have more time that is the better for you.

Furthermore, always look for clues while running and keep an eye on the lookout for clues and run over and over again until you have collected them all.

In addition, you must learn where the stopwatches are as well as free Gems and do a perfect run in the end for a ton of coins to spend on upgrades or unlocking new characters of this game.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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