Gems Cheats The Tribez and Castlez on Android

You can collect free gems by inviting as many friends as possible to play the tribez & castlez game through facebook
At this point, just connect your account with Facebook and Twitter so that you will receive 400 gems at a time.

the tribez and castlez tips

Moreover, an early offer appeared within 24 hours like the Bank Statement will give you free gems for each purchase.
And the more friends you have, the more free gifts you will get
Besides, you can also visit your friends for extra goodies, like food and coins.

On the other words, connecting this game on social networks will give you huge amounts of Gems and when you do so you will receive extra 200 gems for Facebook and the same amount for Twitter.
So just log in daily and complete every given quest to get free gems in this game.

Your activity during this game is to follow the quests in that their requirements are made in such a way that you will progress naturally and exactly how you should do it.

Early on, you will get stuck with waiting times of over 20 minutes, so it its time to use those free gems that you received to speed things up and gain a head start.

After making a good start and progress, you must upgrade the buildings in which you have to make sure that you use it because upgraded buildings give you better rewards.

On the other side, you should unlock new stuff in the store – except for decorations, as they will be needed for the farm fields.
Therefore, always have the maximum amount of items and keep them at maximum levels.

In order to survive in this game, make sure you food supply is always sufficient
For such reasons, be sure to have your people working on the land to produce food and maximize gains as much as possible.

Except resources, the other thing important is to collect the special items through the quests
During the play, you will have quests that require you to get a special item like the Bank Statement.

Later o n, you will be able to unlock any item in this game from playing the game and collecting from the buildings in which each can produce a specific type or by progressing through the game.

Note that, you can get collection items by asking them from your friends.
Then go to the collections menu and add up to 5 items to your wish list
Afterward, share it on Facebook or Twitter to get help from the others.

In addition, you also need to level up you heroes in this game by doing something useful and collect everything as often as possible.
In line with this, you will be assigned to complete quests, trade in collections and remove all the debris in which anything that you do in the game will increase your experience points so that you can level up faster by doing those actions.

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