Gems Cheats Throne Rush on Android

Throne Rush is a new medieval game, that will get you to build your kingdom for having a gold and food-producing powerhouse, then train your troops, and go for exploration of the quests as well as battling against other players for your glory and resources.

throne rush tips

For such reasons, you will have to prepare your units to become the strongest one so that you can start invading the others kingdom for hunting resources and expanding your territory as well

When going to the battle zone, you must simply increase the size of your army at all cost and you also increase the level of your headquarters to do this.

Whenever you upgrade your headquarters, your housing size will increase by 20 at one time.
Moreover, even just loading up with 40 knights, it can be surprisingly effective when you have many housing units for them.
On the other side, you have to upgrade your barracks as this is to unlock new troops for increasing yuor unit much bigger.

In the way of your victory in each battle, you can your battle strategy around depending on who you are fighting against.
Because of this, you can send in a bunch of knights only to work for a certain time.

Once you get goblins you can send them in to attack the storages for resources
Meanwhile, put your knights to distract defense towers, or you can use orcs to do this.

Elfs can attack from a distance, in which they can also avoid some defensive towers.
Trolls will provide tons of health, so that they can take tons of hits while your other troops crawl into the center of enemy`s kingdom.

Having eagles will give you advantage as they are a good air unit, while mages will do a ton of damage with each attack.
Wraiths can aloso target defenses just like orcs, and they are more powerful.
Ents and Dragons are so powerful ones that they make it an almost complete unfair fight.

In line with your kingdom`s defense, you must put your buildings as closely together as possible.
Doing so will get every building within range of your towers, and surround the entire city with walls, even multiple layers of walls.

Furthermore, just put your castle, your mines, windmills, barns and treasuries as close to the center as possible so that they will get extra protection time from your towers.

In addition, in order to supply more food for your units, you have to upgrade your windmills faster than your mines, because you will use so much food for supplying your armies.
Besides, you must also upgrade your barns and treasuries and maximize them to increase your castle value.

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