Silver Coins Resources Cheats Throne Wars for Android

If you want to collect rewards in throne wars game, you must complete the main goal in each quest
This game will give you a challenge to complete the goal that is to build your kingdom up until to be the most powerful one to train a strong army, then go out into the world and dominate other players’ kingdoms including their resources as well.

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For such reasons, following and completing the quests is the easy way to progress naturally in that the game will also take you to focus on asking you to research a lot of things, which you should reconsider
You can usually generate some silver coins if completing every quest to another

Once getting those silver coins, use them to purchase resource stacks when really required only
And, you can also spend the silver on leveling up your heroes, as their bonuses will also increase

The tech level in this game is the level of the building multiplied by the number of researches that have already been completed at that building.

In a description, if your castle is level 6 and you have finished 8 different forms of research there, so that it will be 48 for your tech level.

In order to join alliances in this game, you just go to the app store and look for reviews where someone has posted their alliance information.

Meanwhile, you can simply search random letter or number strings that begin a lot of words to find one.
Or you can just go look around the world map then look at people’s alliance names to make an alliance.

In order to gather more resource, you can look around for some abandoned cities that players that have been left behind and attack them to grab those resources.

Even though they have been left, they will always provide wood, stone and ore that is your main resources as their resource buildings will always regenerate and only the militia to defend them.

So all you have to do is to focus solely on increasing your resources, increasing your troops, unlocking new troops, and powering up your hero while getting the archery range, the stable and the siege workshop to round out your variety of troops.

Moreover, upgrade your resource producing buildings and storage as fast as possible to get to level 5 for starters then resume focus on the Quests and the research requirements afterward.

Try to do some research if you can not build or upgrade two buildings at the same time, building and training troop as well.

By doing so, it will give you the option to have one more settlement in your kingdom and also improve your resource gain.

Before attacking the other players, you can spy them by sending the right hero to improve your chances of successful spying.

In this occasion, you can upgrade your spying to get the information of how many troops another player has and play the numbers game

On the other side, try to upgrade your troops with boosts as much as possible then send your troops over to annihilate the other player’s kingdom.

When doing so, you will have to send extras troops as you will get involved in battling with the peasant militia as well.

Furthermore, selecting the best heroes will give you advantage in the battle in which every hero has their own set of special abilities and you can check them out by tapping the magnifying glass icon near their name.

And, investing in a hero will give you boosts to production, storage and defense to have as a mayor, while your troops should get a general to improve their stats.

In addition, changing your player’s name will give you a little bit of protection as people will consider that you are inactive and they will only want to farm on you.

So that you can concentrate on attacking players who have not changed their names and it can be said that they are not active or prepared for any incoming attacks in this game.

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