High Scores Cheats Timberman Android

Timberman is a new simple puzzle game, where you have to accomplish the main goal that is to cut wood without tree branch hitting your head, and you must do it before time is running out.

timberman tips

It sounds easier than you think, but it may get very difficult down the road in the game when the actual timer is rolling faster and much more incoming branches start appearing on the tree.

For such reasons, you must try to establish a frequent rhythm early on, and always make sure you look ahead so that you will not acquire caught away from guard through any sapling branches.

Just try and do either one of these simple things will result in you tapping too soon or as too late, that will cause your lumberjack to smash perfect into a tree branch and get rid of the level.

Anyway, if you do have a screen protector in your phone, just remove the actual protector temporarily so it will come to the highest sensitivity practical for the screen.
With screen protectors on you will be too easy to miss some sort of tap that will come to lose the actual round.

Along the game, you should keep the actual timer near the top of the level from striking empty so as to survive in each stage.
The faster plus the more persistently you tap into, the far more full the timer will remain.
However, it will eventually start giving up faster and to faster when you earn far more points with a stage, so it is recommended to tap more often on that stage.

If you can get more points score in an individual stage, or get harder total solid wood chunks in an individual cut, you will have a chance to unlock the harder stuff inside the costume store.

Costumes are unlocked possibly by hitting a specific high score with a stage as well as by hitting a specific total number of chunks, or by obtaining a particular ranking multiple times within a row.

Later on, if you start getting too irritated through some sages, you can put the game down for a couple of hours and keep coming back later after your adrenaline is back to normal

Therefore, if you get back to the game with fresh mind, your ratings will commonly skyrocket
Plus you can feel the game a lot easier to play and to beat stage by stage for having more points.

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