Tiny Dice Dungeon Uncut Cheats Android

Tiny Dice Dungeon is a new retro-style RPG made with retro 8-bit graphics
Here, you will get involved in a unique battle system and you will come to the rolling of dice to do damage and to heal up along the way.

tiny dice dungeon tips

Furthermore, you will get to mix the dice that you put into your battle rotation.
When mixing it, remember to always have at least one healing dice
It is caused by, when enemies like boss characters attack your character, you can tackle down the effect of attacks on your character.

Anyway, a multiplier die is also a good strategic to increase your damage with less risk of losing the attack by rolling a 1 on the main die at a time.

In order to level up your new monster, you can go back to older dungeons with easy battles, and fight the old monsters a few times so that you will catch a new monster and add it to your party without getting killed at all.

On the other side, in a capture battle, you will have to craft capture dice so that you have a bigger chance at defeating the monster’s capture dice
And, make sure do this crafting before you fight one one of them.

For capturing monsters easily, the monster has to be the last one on the screen.
In line with this, just keep rolling over and over until you get an exact damage match
Afterward, if you over roll, simply keep going until you get a 1, then start again.

Later on this game, you will get involved in many battles that will take stamina.
According to this circumstance, if you are out of stamina you have to wait for it to come back or purchase more energy.

For such reasons, you can do a little trick to regenerate your stamina back in a quick time.
All you will have to do is simply to set the time ahead by however much stamina you need to get back After setting the time, you can go back to the app, and you will get your stamina restored instantly.

In addition, once doing that trick, you are able to go back to the date and time settings, change the time back to normal, then go back to the app for having your stamina normally.
Always do this when you really require stamina for your own adventure throughout the game.

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