Bux Coins Cheats Tiny Tower Vegas for Android

You can get coins and bux cash with the time lapse trick
This game is the sequel of previous series, Tiny Tower, in which it is the tower simulator genre designed for ios and android platform.

tiny tower vegas tips

Along the game, you will play as the Bitizens, the goofy characters made in the 386-esque graphics and all of the other goodies that were fun such as in the original
And, this new game adds even more Vegas-style craziness with Elvis impersonators, themed hotel rooms and casinos and other madness.

At the beginning of the game, you can do the time lapse cheat to complete each construction
Here, you simply set the time ahead in order to speed up ordering an item, selling an item, or finishing construction on a new floor of your building.
You can do whatever the time left on it to complete, in which it is how much you have to set it ahead by in order to get it to finish quickly.

After doing the trick and you have collected everything, but you have not started anything new like new ordering, new construction, sales, etc, you can set the time right back to normal and nothing will change.

Anything you have done from that moment like cheating cheated coins and bux will still be there
Later on, you will still be able to do this trick as many times as you want without having to make your phone go to some insanely weird time.

You can play in the best part about this game that is in all of the various casino floors
Then, you can play a minigame so that you and other players can join the Player’s Club and form your very own group in the menu area.

Furthermore, you and other clubs will get ranked against other players and their clubs
And, if you can be the top three clubs out of all of them, you will receive a bonus reward.

When choosing employees to work in your shops, select them based on the color code of the shop, and the employee’s proficiency at that particular color code.

Usually, a nine is the highest possible score.
So if they are in higher number, the time will be shorter until you can restock
On the other side, if you employ three 9s in one shop, then they will save 25 percent on all restocking purchases.

In addition, when you leave room in your elevator for the VIPs, because when they show up, you will earn bux as a reward
However, do not leave people sitting in the elevator for too long as you will miss out on this because VIPs will quit popping up again.

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