Caps Cheats Toy Rush on Android

Toy Rush is the combination of tower defense and offense and card collecting where you open your new card decks to find powerful toys
Next, you must build an army and send your units to the front line to take over opponents tower.

toy rush tips

You must also build the path whereby the hordes of enemies will travel and fill it with dozens of child-friendly turrets and they intend to get to your base.

In the former, you can build a piggy bank and ticket machine, which generates in-game currency based on a timer, set the path to our base and line it with defenses.
Early on, make sure to spend all your tickets on getting card packs, right before heading into the single player missions.

On the other side, try to use as few cards as possible per attack in that they will help you defeat the enemies you attack
At the same time, you should also try to make a profit so send as few monsters into battle as possible to get your win

Furthermore, you should try to invest in a tower pack for defending your base
In line with this, you can spend all your tickets on getting new card packs, and do it as often as possible and purchase first the most expensive card packs that you can afford and either wait to raise more tickets or buy one level below.
It is caused by after a point, attacking with common cards will not bring you a victory.

When upgrading your buildings, you can go for the Piggy Bank first because you need to be able to hold as many tickets as possible.
Follow it with your command center, and the defensive towers in which you can focus on the Rubber Bands to shot any target, then the Marble Shooter to cover a huge area.

Meanwhile, in order to build the perfect defense, you need to create a road that is as long as possible, so that the attacking monsters have to spend as much time trying to reach the end.

The idea of having the road on the margins and the towers in the middle will give you advantages in two sides
Firstly, you will give the monsters a lot of distance to cover
Secondly, your towers will cover a lot more space.

According to this line, try to use a very low level Command Center like in level 3, but the idea will remain the same as the base grows.
Also, make sure that you place traps and tower power to your best towers to increase your chances of winning.

In the way of getting your victory easily, you can evolve your toy over and over again as it will greatly improve your chances in battle.
For such reasons, you need to feed it cards.
At this time, the otherwise useless Plush Decor cards give it a lot of XP points, so make sure you feed all the decor cards to your monster and not place them around your base.
You have to do it quickly, because most likely this will be nerfed in a future update.

During in the battlefield, try to spend your cards smartly to get your victory
If you spend all your cards and you just get 200 tickets, it will not be an attack you can be proud with winning

Therefore, you have to adapt your strategy and use as few cards as possible
However, just make sure that you will not send too few of them.
In addition, you simply send some tanks like the Bowlerpuff first to draw fire, then set a speed booster or Overdrive and send your more powerful troops.

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