Cash Cheats Traffic Racer on Android

Traffic Racer is an endless driving game featuring actual, real life cars where you must accomplish your main goal that is to go as far as possible, collect as many coins as possible
Then, with your coins, you can purchase the endless variety of new cars and upgrades that the game offers.

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Along the way, you will get coins for how far you go, how long you stay above 100 KPH for, and how many cars you pass within above 100 KPH.
Furthermore, in order to earn loads of points, you can chain together combos of consecutive near-misses in which each near miss that you add in a row will increase your points from 100, 200 etc, all the way up to 700 points.

You will be able to earn free coins in many ways, in that you will not need to play a race and purchase them though.
In line with this, you simply go to the in app purchase store and you will have the option of watching a free advertisement video that can earn you 500 coins in one shot.

So just watch all of the available videos to load up on coins quickly.
Then when the videos are done, go back to the game and play races until more videos are made available served for you with some coins offer.

Besides watching promotional videos, playing in time trial mode is great for earning coins
It is caused by the round goes for 60 seconds regardless of if you crash or not, and you will not get penalized for crashing stunt.

However, if you are skilled enough at avoiding traffic that you can go for longer than 60 seconds in standard rounds, you can then avoid this mode.
Later on, playing on two-way mode gives you a fourth way to earn more coins as well.
So if you spend more time going the wrong way in traffic, you will earn more coins in one shot.

Doing so will also increase your new level of difficulty to the game, as well as an increased usefulness for the handling upgrades
Moreover, even on short drives you will still earn coins more quickly.
After collecting enough coins along the game, purchasing speed upgrades are the most important that will rev up your car in a fast speed.

At that point, increasing the sensitivity of the turning should be important point.
Meanwhile, brake upgrades are useful but even the base level brakes stop your car fairly quickly.
Thus, always upgrade the speed so that you can drive for further and get more coins as well.

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