Train Agents to Battle in Men in Black 3 Android

Guides to accomplish mission in men in black 3 game
Purchase some shops to generate more coins and them in every certain time
Clean some dumps to earn some Credits
Follow some tasks to earn some Credits and good items


Save your Tempolar Pulse Recharge
Buy high power weapon, vehicles, and partners to help you in battle
Buy some power ups and medical items in the Gadget workshop
Decorations enhances your credits payout in your shops and missions

Play online and Invite some friends to help you
Every Agent partner have their advantage physically and mentally so make use the most beneficial in your mission you will assign
You can use your Agent to help you to fight your enemies

Use Jump to transport in other mission
Follow the tutorial walkthrough to start the mission
You’ll get transported to your headquarters, get the Credits in your burger stand

Check your tasks for the next mission
Build a weapon Room, Cars Room and extra Credits Shop
Build a Locker room to hire your Agent, use him to do a task mission
Build an infirmy to heal your Player and your agent

Check out your task and jump to Brooklyn 1969 place.
In Brooklyn 1969, find Agent 0 in the maps.
Fight your enemies, equip your weapon , gadgets and cars.
Call a Partner to make it more easier

How to win battle properly
Buy and Equip some good weapons and cars
Hire a partner Agent to help you in your mission
Buy some power-ups and health potion to help you in critical times
Heal yourself in the infirmy room
Call an Agent during mission once they are fully recovered
Train your Agent in the Evaluation Room

Tips to get unlimited xp credits in men in black 3 game
Play online and visit some of your friends and help them with their facilities
Buy some Shops burger to generate more Credits
Complete the task and earn some Credits and items
Play daily to get the rewards
Complete every mission tier to earn more XP and Credits
Try adjusting your Date-Time in your System Settings in your device.

By doing so you will get some benefits of it
Finish instantly your Agent Missions
Replenish your health in instant
Harvest your credits at no time
Visit your Agent Friends without waiting for another day
Hire Agent K at no time
Complete your Upgrading time without the wait

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