Diamonds Cheats Trials Frontier on Android

When playing trials frontier game, you will be relied fuel to perform your actions in order to collect both gold coins and gems cash
Everytime you perform your actions, your fuel runs out pretty fast when you do more races.

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For such reasons, you have to refill it back by spending either coins or gems
So if you want to get your gas back for free without having to spend your currencies, you can do time trick to manifest it

Firstly, just go to the date and time settings and set the time ahead on your phone or tablet.
Secondly, go back to the game and you will get your energy restored automatically.

After doing this, go back to the date and time settings again, and set the time back to normal
As a result, when you go back to the game, you will get the free energy back that you can use for the next challenges.

Once making some progresses and getting currencies through some races, you will need upgrade your motorcycles to take part in the next races

In line with this, if you want to buy upgrades to your gas tank, you simply wait until your gas is completely depleted before buying as you will get a free gas refill when you purchase it.

As you upgrade your motorcycle, you can go back to older stages then try to get better and better times in that stage as you will be able to earn the gold medals easily.

However, if you are lack of coins, you can go back to older stages that you have beaten then race in that stages over and over again for coins until you earn enough to buy some more motorcycle upgrades.

On the other side, if you do not have the required missing parts for upgrades, you can play stages again and again to get more chances to spin for the necessary missing parts.

Thus, if you can perform more tricks in a stage, you will get more coins as a bonus.
Performing double flips either backflips or front flips will give you great bonus as well.

In the way of performing your flips, you can try to tilt forward when you go off of a big jump.
Then tilt backwards to move forward more slowly while midair

But, if you tilt forwards as you take the jump you will stay moving faster while in midair, and you will jump lower.

Remember not to overcook it when you tilt forward or backwards whereby if you hold it for too long you will fling back or forward very hard, causing you to crash and lose a stage.

In addition, controlling your bike is simple as you accelerate your bike with your right thumb, while your left thumb manipulates your rider’s center of gravity, that will make you jump a flip around obstacles coming along with tracks.

Furthermore, you will be able to earn gems and money from the townsfolk, so that you can upgrade your motorbike, or you can get more fuel to provide the energy required to race.

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