Gold Cards Bonds Cheats Tyrant Unleashed for Android

When playing tyrant unleashed game, you must get rare cards by completing missions
Bringing up a map of missions then completing it to have gold and the possibility to earn a rare card.

tyrant unleashed tips

You can complete every mission in multiple times that will give you extra rewards every time it passes one of three stars.

Afterward, you can go to the battle with other players to earn points to boost your battle ranking and gold to boost your wallet.

Another way to get rare cards is getting involved in the fights whether against other players or the computer.

In this phase, you will draw three cards at the beginning of the match, and then pick one to play.
At the start of your next turn you will draw another card while keeping the other two cards, and pick another card to place.

When having the battle, your cards are organized orderly lining up in front of your commander in that your first card is on the left, while your most recently played is on the right.

You simply edit your deck of ten cards or promote your commander card or fuse a new one.
When promoting your commander you will need a specific number of special items which will be indicated underneath their portrait then you will only drag one card out of the lineup and drag another one in from your inventory.

After promoting your cards, you can upgrade other cards to more powerful forms.
Before doing so, check out the bottom of the screen to see what is highlighted in green indicating attack or defense strength, stronger card skills, or even totally new powers.

Then tap the Fusion button on the top right of the screen to switch to the Fusion screen and to combine in order to create more powerful cards.
Make sure before doing so as the cards used for fusion must be maxed out at level 3 for all of them.

Replaying missions will need some of your energy, but you will have chances of earning the extra gold from reaching each of the three stars.

Once having gold, you will have to upgrade and enhance your commander cards to get handy special abilities like the basic healing ability that can improve a card’s staying power.

When doing so, you can merely jump from 1 to 2 with a maximum of 3 in order to make a huge difference in a card’s effectiveness.
In addition, having more cards will be needed to improve a much more powerful card along the game.

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