Stars Score Cheats Unroll Me Unblock The Slots on Android

Playing unroll me unblock the slots game is simple as you will have to roll a white marble from point A to point B by moving a few blocks in place.
Later on, you must move blocks around quickly so that you can set up the right route in minimum moves.

unroll me unblock the slots tips

When starting your first move in every stage, use your time about five-second head start before the ball rolls whereby you will figure out the best pieces to use in each situation.
Afterward, make your pre-plan route and put the pieces in place to roll the ball
At this point, you must act quickly when the ball is rolling.

You can restart the uncompleted stage if you did not have any move to complete it
So always practice on each stage and figure out the best route possible.

You can also go back and set up your route quicker, if you end up getting just one or two stars out of three on a stage.
You can earn you three stars by doing that action, and you can go on to the next stage easily.

Furthermore, when you come to a stage places the ball on a lower area of the board – with a goal that appears in the higher section, try to focus more on pieces that will get it to that higher area in which straight vertical pieces and curved pieces will change its course.
In line with this, just try to get it up as high as possible, then use straight vertical pieces to align it with the goal.

If you get stuck on the stage, you can press pause button to plan your route, then returning to the game and putting the pieces where you move them in the right direction.

On the other side, try not to use a manual speed up button more often
According to this, the ball goes fast enough as it is, in that simply take a time and think where to move them in the correct route.
Anyway, if you have the correct route set up for the ball connecting to the goal it will speed up automatically to get where it needs to go.

In addition, you can change its route and get closer to the goal if you have the ball on the tile
On the other words, you can move a tile while there is a ball on it
Moreover, doing so will also increase your star rating.

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