Voxite Pixite Mobacoins Cheats DOT Defender of Texel Android

When playing defender of texel game, you will firstly select your members as your backup when going to battle against opponents
Zar is a member of the resistance that will help you on the road and find the rest of his body.
The Resistance is a united of Texeli to fight the invaders and will be your followers, and companions.

Defender of Texel guides

Xana is the three tribes living in Texel and divided into three social groups namely The gallants, mages, and the barbarians.
Theri is a tribe of dragons, chimera, and other fantasy creatures with having certain aloofness towards other tribes which will be a force to reckon.
Hemi is the offsprings of Xana and Theri which has the strength of the Xana and the intelligence of the Theri.

Your goal in a mission is to use energy to move your band forward, while winning mission battles without running out of your fighters HP.
Note that if your fighter`s HP runs out you have to start the mission over or exit a mission for a while as your fighter can no longer fight. So you have to recover items in order to restore HP for your fighter

In order to beat the bosses you can use BP to fight them and unlock the next journey.
If there is no winner after a certain number of line formations and turns, the battle ends in a draw.
However winning battle will earn you some achievements as prizes for a limited period of time.

Use the bronze Pixite Build to increase the number of your fighter in pool and use for fuse.
You can also use the EN and BP hack to recharge the amount of your energy to 100% and give 3 BP for you to use.

Use the silver Voxite Build to get rare fighters.
Use Texite of MobaCoin for a Premium Build to have rare fighters.
By using the infinite voxite and pixite you can easily beat bosses and get rare, legendary, and epic fighters in the game.

When doing a fusion of different fighters together, you have to select which appearance to keep.
Self-Fusion is fusing multiples of the same fighter to get XP and the level max, base stats and skill proc rate. Proc rate is used to activate skills in that PRR rises according to SEF rather than level.
Self-fusing to that fighter`s SEF max will results in evolution in which the fighter transforms in name and appearance, and the base stats surge.

The number of self-fusions will be indicated with the self fusion value in which the mark next to the number indicates that the fighter will evolve on gaining SEF max.

You can get texi in a battle as leaderboard prizes, then exchange it for item and gear in the Texi Exchange.
Gear is some items physically equipped by a fighter that elevates fighter stats, and some enable skills.
You can also multiple the same gear to create a more powerful item as gear does not undergo evolution.

You can sell items and gear for earning texi in the game.
Simply go to Home > More > Texi Exchange for trading your gear and items for free texi.

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