Jewel Gold Cheats War of Legions for Android

Try to get more gold as bonus reward through missions when playing war of legions game
Here, your goal is to complete missions, fight against other players, build a strong unbeatable team, then dominate the rankings among others.

war of legions guides

And this game focuses on team work than working on individually
Meanwhile, jewel and gold are the currencies that will be needed to purchase some items

For such reasons, in order to get those currencies, you can go back to old mission areas and play them until you earn all three bonuses either cards or relics per stage.

Furthermore, earning 100 percent on all of the stages in a mission area will give you a huge bonus including thousands of gold, or even a rare card as a reward.
So try collecting all six relics in a collection that can be used to trade for a large reward, as well

You will be equipped with two types of cards such as hero cards and monster cards.
And your team consists of five hero cards and five monster cards in that each hero will get paired up to one monster.
Therefore, try to pair them up effectively to get an affinity bonus, which will strengthen their stats.

Because of making some progresses along the game, you will earn a number of rare card summons as you go.
So go to the summons page then try to use them for either hero cards or for monster cards.

According to this, you must check out your team firstly to get information which side’s cards are stronger, then use the rare summons to strengthen the weaker half.
However, if your team is equal both ways, you can split the rare summons up evenly.

In the way of getting cards, you will go to battle out against more than 500 monsters with your strategic formations as the key to win.

In the combat mechanics, you will have the ability to chain your attacks and increase your impact to the opponents during the battle.

All of the collected battle card packs will end up with a huge glut of 1-star cards.
Thus, you must enhance your main team’s cards via sacrifice, using the huge amount of 1-star cards that you earn

Because of this, you can level them up sky high as well as increasing their stats and giving you chances of winning battles of this game.

To make your alliance, go to the allies menu and search to find players to be added as your allies
Keep adding them until you run out of potential additions

And when they add you back, it will give you more cheer points that will lead you to earn even more summons as well.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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