Gem Cheats War of Tribes Stone Age on Android

In War of Tribes Stone Age, you will play as the village chief, and you must expand and defend your central village with your army of heroes
Then, you must upgrade your defense towers and battle across sacred jungles, freezing snow, and other treacherous environments.

war of tribes stone age tips

In the beginning of the game, you will be introduced for the quest menu along with the Mission menu that will give you direction on where to go next.
You will get involved in many quests that will earn you the amount of rewards.

On the other side, you will also gain experience points, that you can use to upgrade your Chief’s Hut, Boost Hut, Workshop and other buildings to higher levels.

Anyway, the maximum level is five per experience level for your hero.
For example, that each boost in the Boost Hut will be upgradable to the Boost Hut’s current level, each piece of equipment can be upgraded to the workshop’s current level.
Furthermore, you will be able to unlock more buildings automatically as you complete more quests.

You should regularly open any gifts, boxes, chests and other goodies that you have earned throughout the quests of the game.
Sort out the whole mess by using the auto sort button, then continue to work your way through to figure out what you will do next.

At the same time, you can go to the Gem icon in the menu screen to equip gems onto your heroes’ equipment then you must equip anything that improves upon previous equipment
Meanwhile, you can try to fully equip all of your heroes, then boost it at the workshop, and sell what you do not need for extra gems.

Before going to the tough battle, manage you strategy to make up for a lack of upgrading, especially when it comes to tougher enemies.
Your smash hero is the most important key to the puzzle because he sends out other warriors when you place him down in which they will also stop enemies in their tracks and fight with them
Doing so will allow your other towers more time to attack.
Building boom towers will do splash damage, whereby make sure to put it for killing small enemies that appear in large numbers.

In the mean time, you can send Juju heroes that will do high damage with one target at a time, making them the best choice for taking out larger, more powerful enemies.
At this point, try to manage a good combination to win in any round.

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