Liberty Coins Cheats Warbot Assault on Android

In this a new robot-centered with reminiscent of old Soviet propaganda posters graphics, Warbot Assault you will start with two giant robots, which is one in Soviet colors and one in American colors

warbot assault tips

Later on, you will have to accomplish your main goal that is to fight, equip them, and strengthen them again, then you can repeat this cycle until you destroy every other competitor robot in this game.

Anyway, every time that you fight another robot, you will lose a little bit of your stamina.
Once all of your stamina is gone, you will not be able to play anymore rounds
For such reasons, you either have to wait for it to come back or buy some more to refill your stamina.

Alternatively, you can simply go to the date and time settings on your phone or your tablet and set the time ahead to refill your stamina back.
So just do this in order to get a free stamina recharge fully.

Remember to set the time back to normal on your phone after doing this trick then go back to the game, in which it will error it out for a minute or two.

But, after it quits doing that, all of your restored stamina will still be there.
You can also restore all of your stamina quickly by gaining an experience level.
Here, you can try to time your last stamina usage so that you will level up after the same battle.

Along the game, you will have many different equipment slots, in which it includes one arm slot for a weapon, one head slot and a legs slot, and a whole assortment of defender slots.

In line with this, you can select one piece of equipment that you want to keep in order to power up your weapons, then choose another piece or multiple pieces for further.
Sacrifice that equipment to power up the piece you want to keep by using the fuse option in order to strengthen it by increasing its experience levels.

On the other side, you can make use of your full range of attacks in this game.
Sometimes, you often forget to let your defenders out, that you can do by swiping downward in the middle of battle.

At this point, you can send your defenders out as often as possible because not only they do damage to the enemies, but they will suck up damage for you, so that you can use them to protect yourself.

In addition, do not save your Liberty coins but use them as fast as you earn them.
With these coins, you can buy some rare item crates and equip what is inside in order to power yourself up greatly.
Just buy the basic crate with your standard coins to find good common cards for your robot.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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