Gold Cheats Wayward Souls on Android

Wayward Souls is an old-school role playing game will test your adventuring skills with each and every stage where you will deal often with some situations that are waiting to be solved.
Early on, you will be given an initial choice of three familiar hero classes namely warrior, wizard, or rogue one.

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Each hero has its own set of skills, powers, weapons, and strengths to set him or her apart, whether it is slick spells, superior stamina, or sneaky backstab attacks.
Along the way, you can unlock each character class, including the three heroes by earning achievements.

To accomplish your mission, you will be in a quest for survival where your character locked away deep inside a dungeon.
In line with this, you will have to try to turn, move, and aim in different directions then deal with the swarming mobs
In the meantime, you will wind up taking extra hits that you feel like you have to dodge.

This game needs gold as the main currency where you can be gathering huge amount of it in some hidden locations that you may miss if you are just trying to find the exit.

With that currency you can bolster their abilities at hotspots, and let you permanently boost stats then improve your chances of pushing deeper with each new attempt.

This game will give one life and there is no way to restore your health.
For such reasons, you have to avoid enemy attacks as much as possible.

On the other words, you have to imply some hit and run tactics in which you can just attack the enemy and move out of the way while trying to learn the pattern.

Interrupting enemy attacks is also a good way to avoid getting damaged as almost all enemies can be interrupted by standard attacks, items and special attacks, so try to make sure to experiment in this regard as well.

Enemies with long attack animations cannot be interrupted but you have to defeat them before they unleash their attacks to your heroes.
In addition, when you dealt with larger groups of enemies, you can use a power attack, which is performed by holding the standard attack button.

Using this will be pretty powerful, and it also hits more than a single enemy, that will put more space between you and enemies when having your adventure.

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